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Star Wars: Prop Replica: Stormtrooper Helmet Episode IV

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  • Full size Stormtrooper Helmet - Asymmetrical, hero version!

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  • Full size Stormtrooper Helmet - Asymmetrical, hero version!

    Fearless and unswervingly loyal to the Emperor, stormtroopers are the most recognized symbol of Imperial might. Encased in white armor over black body gloves, stormtroopers make up the bulk of Palpatine’s ground-based armies and the space-based Imperial starfleet. Their fearsome looking helmets allow the soldiers to breathe in the harshest of environments, including the vacuum of space.

    To ensure that the eFX replica Stormtrooper helmet retained all of the subtle nuances of the hand-sculpted original, engineers digitally scanned and cast a surviving original helmet to recreate this iconic piece for your Star Wars replica collection.

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