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Step into the Fantastic Factory for a festival of gory mayhem and blood-splattered horror. Four twisted tales of terror and carnage await you…

In Beyond Re-Animator, the evil Dr. Herbert West, a medical genius with an overwhelming drive to raise the dead, returns to what he knows best: science and murder.

John Jaspers is driven to insanity in Faust and signs a pact with the devil in order to enact a horrible vengeance on the thugs who murdered his girlfriend. Transformed into a sickening beast, he stalks the night seeking only to maim and kill.

Alien spiders threaten the very existence of man in Arachnid, only a team of scientists and mercenaries stand in the way of eight-legged doom for humanity. Trapped on an island with a nest of hungry enemies, time is running out before the eggs were laid in every last one of them…

A traveller with a girl in every village leaves a trail of murder behind him but is he the killer or is there a beast stalking the night? Romasanta, based on a true life murder case, is a chilling tale of bloody romance, shadowy forests and Werewolves.

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