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  • The Vengeful Virgin

    • Discontinued
    Author: Gil Brewer
    Published by: Titan Books
    • Discontinued

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Product Description

From the outset you know that Jack Ruxton is on a journey to hell. He latches on to the teenager Shirley Angela who is caring for her rich dying stepfather.

Her life seems hell - it’s as if she’s just waiting for the rather unpleasant old boy to die. True, but Jack and Shirley decide to speed things up. He has a bit of expertise; it won’t be easy, but there’s a lot of money in Shirley’s inheritance…

As with many noir stories, none of the characters are particularly likeable, but the writing is so mesmerising that you’re quickly sucked in. Believable and tense with lashings of not too explicit sex, this is definitely worthy of being reprinted. But the title probably gives away at least one twist.