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Itazura Na Kiss: Volume 4

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  • ‘Kotoko san, will you go out with me?’ says a cute freshman, Taketo-kun.

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  • Artist
    Kaoru Tada  
    Kaoru Tada  
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    Anime & Manga  
    Digital Manga Inc  
    Graphic Novel  
  • ‘Kotoko san, will you go out with me?’ says a cute freshman, Taketo-kun.

    He liked her since high school and since Kotoko and Irie kun aren’t exactly an ‘item’, he thought he might have a shot at becoming Kokoto’s boyfriend. Unlike Irie-kun, Taketo-kun is kind, generous and sweet to girls; and Kotoko decides to go out on a date with him. Will Kotoko have a change of heart? Irie-kun’s father’s business is in a big financial trouble. Irie-kun reluctantly agrees to help him for a while and of course, Kotoko would do anything to be able to spend every day with him, so she applies as a part-time office assistant. Ditsy Kotoko realizes that office work isn’t as easy as it looks- she spills coffee, ruins important documents, jams copy machines and breaks fax machines. She was creating more work for everyone there! When all this was done Irie-kun’s father hoped his son would be interested in becoming his successor but Irie-kun has a different plan for his future.

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