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  • Currently Unavailable Spider-Man Unlimited: Complete Box Set
    From: Spider-Man, and Marvel
    Universe: Marvel
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Peter Parker and Mary Jane are back together again, whilst Spider-Man takes the blame for the loss of the Daily Bugle publisher’s son John Jameson. Donning a new high-tech costume, his rescue mission leads him to Counter-Earth, a strange alternate reality where humans are second class citizens. A battle against humanoid animal incarnations of some of his greatest adversaries ensues…

The most famous Marvel® Comics character shoots into the 21st Century with the complete animated series of Spider-Man Unlimited on double DVD. Adapted from Stan Lee’s comic book character with a hint of anime, this release includes all thirteen original episodes.

Spider-Man’s arrival on the Earth-like planet is spiced up with arch enemies Venom and Carnage… his adventures feature clashes with Counter-Earth versions of the Green Goblin, the Vulture and Electro… in a dramatic finale, the planet’s safety is threatened by its leader, the High Evolutionary.


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