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  • Currently Unavailable From Wonderland With Love: A Danish Comics Anthology
    Author: Steffen P. Maarup
    Artist: Steffen P. Maarup
    Published by: Fantagraphics Books
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In all the excitement over manga from Japan and bandes dessinées from France, it’s easy to forget that most other countries have a thriving comics culture all their own.

This eye-popping anthology, assembled by Danish publisher/editor/translator Steffen Maarup, introduces adventurous readers to 18 exciting talents, most of whom are taking their first bow on the English-speaking stage. One centerpiece of the book is Nikoline Werdelin’s stunning ‘Because I Love You So Much,’ a Doonesbury-style slice-of-life Danish daily strip about a suburban Danish couple who discover their daughter is being molested - is it happening at her daycare center - horrifyingly, closer to home? Other major revelations include Julie Nord’s elegantly drawn ‘From Wonderland With Love’ (which gives the collection its title), a modernistic riff on Alice in Wonderland, and Ib Kjeldsmark’s ‘Sloth,’ a riotously punk-inflected day-glo duo-toned road trip. The book also spotlights the snarky and surreal single-panel work and gags by HuskMitNavn, Christoffer Zieler, and Johan F. Krarup; the visually explosive silent comics of Mårdøn Smet and Peter Kielland; cover artist T. Thorhauge’s spectacular philosophical piece ‘M’; and many other stories in a wide variety of styles from the sinister black and white Lynchian surrealism of Simon Bukhaven’s wooden robot story ‘All I Have in My Hand’ to the watercolored animal-fable extravaganza ‘Tomb of the Rabbit King’ by Allan Haverholm, from Søren Mosdal and Jacob Ørsted’s meticulously delineated and colored nightmare yarn ‘Dog God’ to Zven Baslev’s slashing, black and white, Panter-esque ‘Cadarul Zombie.’ And more!


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