• [Wolverine: Weapon X: Volume 2: Insane In Brain (Product Image)]
  • Wolverine: Weapon X: Volume 2: Insane In Brain

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    Universe: Marvel
    Author: Jason Aaron
    Artists: Yanick Paquette, and Adam Kubert
    Published by: Marvel Comics

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Product Description

Crazy like a fox.

From a young age, Wolverines life has been anything but normal, as the mutant has traveled the globe loving, losing and all along plying his most valuable trade: that of a mercilessly effective killer. But even after more than a century of this brutal life, he managed to pull his memories together and for the first time truly understand who, and what, he was. But now, thats all lost as he finds himself locked in a padded cell in a heavily guarded insane asylum. With no memory of how he got there, or even who he is, Wolverine is at the mercy of the mysterious Dr. Rottwell and his sadistic guards. As Wolverine struggles to uncover who he is and how he came to be in a sanatorium full of psychopathic murderers, it becomes clear that Dr. Rottwells agenda is far from altruistic. Can Wolverine regain his senses before he falls victim to one of the doctors nefarious cures?

Collecting Wolverine: Weapon X #6-10.

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  • 9780785141129
  • 9780785141129