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Dodgem Logic #2

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Product Description

  • Author
    Alan Moore  
    Cat No.
    Knockabout Comics  
  • Yay! More Alan Moore ziney goodness!

    Welcome to issue #2!

    We’ve got beautiful girls and strange old men ranting from soapboxes! We’ve got a freak show of Northampton curiosities. We’ve got FeeJee mermaids and the end of civilisation. Right behind these lurid painted curtains, decorated by the best damn deadbeat paraffin-swigging Carny embellishers in the business. We’ve even got a free dirty comic book that we will be handing out behind the main tent after the performance.

    That’s how much we love you.

    Comic strips by Steve Aylett, Savage Pencil, Kevin O’Neill and a full colour 8 page insert A5 comic book ‘Weird Penises’ by Alan Moore, his first soolo effort for 20 years. Gardening, Cookery, DIY clothes, Women’s page. Contributions from Josie Long, Steve Moore, Dave Hamilton. The Daily Mustard. Spinning Doctors. Alan Moore on Anarchy. Covers by Mitch Jenkins and Burlesque.

    One of three wonderfully saucy covers randomly sent.

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