• [The Best of the Wizard of Id (Hardcover) (Product Image)]
  • The Best of the Wizard of Id (Hardcover)

    • Discontinued
    Author: Brant Parker
    Artist: Brant Parker
    Published by: Titan Books
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.

Product Description

This is a collection of the very best of Johnny Hart’s award winning comic strip specially selected by his family with strips taken from the 70s, 80s, 90s and noughties.

Set in the oppressed, shabby, medieval kingdom of Id, the strips follow the ups and downs of the everyday lives of people of Id, from ‘King’ the dwarfish, tyrannical king, to Wiz - his wizard, Sir Rodney - his chief knight in faded armour, and a whole smorgasbord of dingbats, shysters, failed jesters and perpetually disgruntled peasants. And although set a thousand years in the past, the strip’s humour often takes a satirical tour of modern day life and American culture.