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Switch: Volume 12

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  • Narita investigates the deaths of dealers selling a new drug called “seed”.....

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    Naked Ape  
    Naked Ape  
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    Anime & Manga  
    Viz Communications  
  • Narita investigates the deaths of dealers selling a new drug called “seed”.....

    When he receives a mysterious package, he discovers that someone is looking into his days with his old partner Saiga. Now Narita has to solve two mysteries: who is rummaging through his past, and what that has to do with the current murders. Kai Eto may look like a squeaky clean kid, but the Greater Kanto Narcotics Control Division’s new investigator hides a violent alter ego and a dangerous past. With his stoic partner Hal Kurabayashi, Kai is assigned to track down and stop the distribution of Dragon Speed, a dangerous new drug. But Ryugen, the syndicate trafficking the drug, is almost impossible to infiltrate. Add street violence and a jurisdiction war with the Meguro Police, and poor Kai is in for some very long days at the office.

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