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X-Force/Cable: Messiah War

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Product Description

  • Artists
    Sonia Oback  
    Ariel Olivetti  
    Mike Choi  
    Duane Swierczynski  
    Jamie McKelvie  
    Larry Stroman  
    Duane Swierczynski  
    Craig Kyle  
    Jamie McKelvie  
    Chris Yost  
    Larry Stroman  
    Trade Paperback  
    Cat No.
    Marvel Comics  
    Story Arc
    Second Coming  
    Graphic Novels  
  • It’s the exciting sequel to the X-Men event of the decade, 2007’s Messiah CompleX!

    The birth of a single mutant child forever changed the landscape of the X-Universe. The X-Men see the baby as the last hope for mutantkind’s survival, but Bishop believes she’ll doom them all. And he’ll go to any length to see the baby dead including teaming up with Cable’s archenemy, Stryfe! Months ago, Cyclops handed the newborn over to Cable, believing his son could protect the child. But Cable never came back.

    Now, Cyclops has found his son marooned in the future and with Bishop and Stryfe hot on his tail, Cyclops sends in the one team that will do what needs to be done in order to ensure the survival of their species: X-Force! The past, present and future converge and break into total war! Plus: Get the inside scoop on Bishop’s childhood, and see firsthand the horrific future he was raised in! And peer deep into Cable’s files on friend and foe alike, and eyeball his arsenal as he prepares for war!

    Collecting X-Men: The Times And Life Of Lucas Bishop #1-3, Cable #11-15, X-Force #14-16, X-Force/Cable: Messiah War and X-Men: Future History - Messiah War Sourcebook.

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