• [Blue Dragon: Volume 5 & 6 (Product Image)]
  • Currently Unavailable Blue Dragon: Volume 5 & 6
    Directed by: Yukihiro Matsushita
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Based on the Microsoft Xbox 360 RPG, with character designs by Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Z!

Long ago, a great battle raged between the forces of Light and Darkness. Each possessed great strengths, above all, the power of Shadow. With courage and might, The Seven Soldiers of Light defeated the forces of Darkness and sealed the Shadow power away forever.

Now the power of Shadow has resurfaced. The evil Nene, ruler of the Grankingdom, is bent on conquering the world, combining Shadow power with the power of machines. In a quest to stop him, Zola and Jiro set forth to find the scions of the Seven Soldiers of Light. Soon after arriving at the peaceful Talta Village, they are attacked by Nene’s army. Young villagers Shu and Kluke find themselves in the center of combat. In the face of imminent destruction of all he holds dear, Shu awakens the Legendary Blue Dragon, a Shadow of immeasurable strength and fury.

Joining forces with Zola and Jiro, Shu sets forth on a quest to master his Shadow powers. But will he and his newfound friends stop Nene and rescue the world from the forces of Darkness?


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