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  • Origami Monsters & Magic: Scary Creatures, Skeletons, Talismans, Weapons & Treasure

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    Author: Isamu Sasagawa
    Published by: Tuttle Publishing

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Product Description

Spine-chilling monsters, magical weapons, ferocious dragons and a fabulous prize this book has it all! Do you dare to face the perils and claim the prize? Open this book and find out. Your destiny awaits you!

On every page of Origami Monsters & Magic you’ll encounter unexpected activities and instructions to make an entire world of enchanted paper models. And by folding these, you will help keep the dark forces of magic at bay as you battle an army of supernatural creatures and zombies!

Origami Monsters & Magic comes with a checklist for kids to record their achievements as they level-up―from adventurer to knight to master to hero!

Young folders ages 10 and up will have great fun following the narrative in the book as they use origami to defeat imps in the Magical Forest, conjure defences in the School of Magic, prepare weaponry in the Armoury, do battle in the Graveyard and ultimately defeat a fearsome foe hoarding a valuable prize in the Dungeon!

The 53 eerie, otherworldly origami models in this book encompass a broad range of items and themes:

Scary Creatures from an intimidating Werebear and slimy Loch Ness Monster to the Deadly Spider!

Spooky Objects including the Evil Tree Stump, the Enchanted Shroud and the Creepy Hands

Ghastly Remains like the Disembodied Head and the horrifying Skeleton!

The Undead Horde includes the Zombie, The Face of Dracula and the unnerving Poltergeist

Magical Tools & Talismans that you can wield, like the powerful Witch’s Hat, the Shield of Invisibility and the classic Magic Wand!

Magic Tricks & Novelties that will cut the tension with silly gags like the Springing Eyeballs and Wagging Tongue

The Medieval Armoury is stocked with necessary gear like a razor-sharp Sword, a hefty War Hammer and a blazing Torch

Enchanted Creatures prove that not everything is out to get you―the Cat Familiar and Unicorn can be trusted companions

The Treasure Vault is where you’ll finally receive the reward for your persistence―a Treasure Chest brimming with Gems!

These imaginative models are the perfect way to get kids excited about origami―an activity that promotes creativity and develops spatial skills, patience and manual dexterity. These models are great fun to fold, to play with and to display―even to trade or give away as gifts!

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  • 9784805318782