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  • Manga Character Design: Faces, Fashions, Hairstyles & More!

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    Author: Shun Akagi
    Published by: Tuttle Publishing

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Product Description

Learn how to develop unique manga characters in just a few easy lessons!

This all-in-one guide by master manga illustrator Shun Akagi teaches you the basics of figure drawing and character creation―from hairstyles and clothing to facial expressions and body poses. You’ll then be immersed in the elements needed to bring to your story to life: coloration, light and shadow, angles and perspective, composition and storytelling techniques.

Shun offers you all the tips and information you need in a series of detailed, hands-on lessons:

Tutorials in analogue and digital character design covering topics like anatomy and body structure; facial features and expressions; clothing and accessories; composition and narrative techniques

Detailed case studies covering the full range of challenges faced by manga artists ― from combat scenes to furries ― so you can master the processes and practices you need to know!

Dynamic examples focusing on fine details as well as big-picture, broad-stroke basics

Over 800 sample illustrations produced by a professional artist to guide you!

Manga Character Design offers you all the techniques used by the pros―whether you draw digitally or manually.

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  • 9784805318027