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  • We'll Prescribe You A Cat (Hardcover)

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    Author: Syou Ishida
    Published by: Doubleday Books

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Product Description

For fans of THE TRAVELLING CAT CHRONICLES, THE CAT WHO SAVED BOOKS and SHE AND HER CAT, discover the award-winning bestselling Japanese novel that has become an international sensation in this utterly charming celebration of the healing power of cats.

A cat a day keeps the doctor away…

On the top floor of an old building at the end of a cobbled alley in Kyoto lies the Kokoro Clinic for the Soul. Only a select few - those who feel genuine emotional pain - can find it.

The mysterious centre offers a unique treatment for its troubled patients: it prescribes cats as medication.

Get ready to fall in love:

  • Bee, an eight-year-old female, mixed breed helps a disheartened businessman as he finds unexpected joy in physical labour;

  • Margot, muscly like a lightweight boxer, helps a middle-aged callcentre worker stay relevant;

  • Koyuki, an exquisite white cat brings closure to a mother troubled by the memory of the rescue kitten she was forced to abandon;

  • Tank and Tangerine bring peace to a hardened fashion designer, as she learns to be kinder to herself;

  • Mimita, the Scottish Fold kitten helps a broken-hearted Geisha to stop blaming herself for the cat she once lost.

As the clinic’s patients seek inner peace, their feline friends lead them towards healing, self-discovery and newfound hope.

Contains five delicious cat line-drawings.

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  • Hardback
Cat. No.
  • 6500795
  • 9781529936711
  • 9781529936711