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  • The Cryptid Creatures Coloring Book

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    Author: Andy Price
    Published by: Adams Media

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Product Description

From Bigfoot & Mothman To The Chupacabra, Color The World’s Most Mysterious Monsters.

Bigfoot! Nessie! Chupacabra! Break out your coloured pencils and get ready to colour and learn all about-30 of the most fascinating and famous cryptids with fun facts and documented sightings for each one of these colourful mystery creatures.

Embrace the mysteries of the unknown.

This spooky collection of 30 of the world’s creepiest cryptids is guaranteed to make your spine tingle. Colour your way from Bigfoot and the Mothman to Skin-Walkers, Chupacabra, Mngwa, Yeren and more, learning a little bit about their history as you go.

With fun facts, trivia, and real-life encounters accompanying each spooky colouring page, you’ll learn exactly why you should fear each cryptid, and why they should be revered. Break out your coloured pencils and get colouring.

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  • Paperback
Cat. No.
  • 6497842
  • 9781507222317
  • 9781507222317