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  • Torchwood: Torchwood One: I Hate Mondays

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    Universe: Doctor Who
    Authors: Scott Handcock, and 2 more
    Published by: Big Finish Productions Ltd

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Product Description

Torchwood One faces three of the worst Mondays ever…

Dinner for Yvonne by James Goss, from a story by James Goss and Joseph Lidster. A cloud of psychic plasma is sweeping over Salisbury Plain towards London. Unfortunately, it’s Yvonne’s night off and she’s throwing a dinner party. Will London perish before she can serve the artisanal cheese board?

By Royal Appointment by James Goss. Poppy Greenleaf finds herself appointed the Crown’s royal liaison for Torchwood. What is Torchwood? Who is Yvonne Hartman? Why is the world ending? Poppy finds herself lost in a world of alien invasions, international espionage and intergalactic diplomacy.

Nerves by Joseph Lidster. Another Monday morning, another mission for Torchwood. Ianto and Tommy have to transport a canister of deadly Euphorian nerve agent to an underground bunker in the South Downs. It should be an easy straight-forward job but other forces are gathering…

NOTE: This release contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

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Cat. No.
  • 6505332
  • 9781802404012
  • 9781802404012