• [The Soulfire Saga: Book 2: The Fire Within Them (Product Image)]
  • The Soulfire Saga: Book 2: The Fire Within Them

    Author: Matthew Ward
    Published by: Orbit Books

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Product Description

Set in a world of ancient myth and dangerous magic, The Fire Within Them continues a heart-pounding adventure where a thief dares to seek vengeance - and finds herself on the path to war.

For the first time in a millennia, the kingdom of Khalad is divided. The Battle of Athenoch has fanned the spark of Bashar Vallant’s rebellion to a raging flame. Tyzanta, jewel of the east, has declared for his cause, and other cities have followed. Vallant, the people’s hero, may soon be powerful enough to challenge Caradan Diar, Khalad’s immortal king.

But such power demands great personal sacrifice.

Afflicted with omen rot after channelling the Deadwinds to save Athenoch from the koilos army, Kat searches for a means to stop the disease killing her as it did her mother. Her journey will uncover secrets long since buried - secrets concerning her past, her family and the kingdom itself.

Eventually she’ll learn that the past never stays buried in Khalad - and that the truth can cut deeper than any blade.

Praise for the Soulfire Saga

‘Full of action, heart, betrayal, and set in a dark, engaging world, this book continues Ward’s ability to deliver doorstopper dark fantasy that you just can’t put down’ Grimdark Magaine

‘The Darkness Before Them brims with magic, monsters and intrigue, and the depth of the world is wonderfully, enthrallingly complex . . . a delight’ Ben Galley

‘After setting up the pieces for a familiar fantasy caper, Ward neatly reassembles this story into a thoughtful examination of the limits of duty and loyalty . . . A promising series launch’ Publishers Weekly

‘Fantastic . . . a completely captivating start to a new series’ Grimdark Dad

‘Ward has built a vast history into this world with an interesting magic system of runes and tattoos’ SFFWorld

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  • Paperback
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  • 9780356518466