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  • The Witcher: Old World: Wild Hunt (Expansion)

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    Universe: The Witcher
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Product Description

Rumours of the Wild Hunt riders are spreading more and more often from various sides. A ghostly cavalcade traverses the night sky, spreading fear in people’s hearts. There are rumours of missing children. Stories about the impending plague of crop failure. And about the upcoming war.

The Wild Hunt is a large expansion, introducing a completely new mode of the game: co-operative mode. It allows also for a full solo experience. This time, players will have to face off against fearsome warriors from another dimension, known as Wild Hunt Riders, either together or alone.

The Wild Hunt expansion is a significant change for the game’s structure, players, instead of moving in turn in their turns, simultaneously move around the board, which takes the planning to a new dimension!

Meeting another player does not lead to a fight, but it may result in joint training or exchange of gold, potions, and valuable information about the monsters in the area.

The game is played through several rounds, and at the end of each round, the Wild Hunt summons new monsters or Hounds and moves around the board attacking players.

At the end of the game, players will face the greatest challenge, a duel with one of the greatest Wild Hunt warriors, the mighty Eredin. All players take part in the final clash, trying to overcome the opponent together, Eredin, however, has a set of unique, powerful attacks that make the fight especially difficult.

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