• [Star Wars: The Rise & Fall Of The Galactic Empire (Hardcover) (Product Image)]
  • Star Wars: The Rise & Fall Of The Galactic Empire (Hardcover)

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    Universe: Star Wars
    Author: Chris Kempshall
    Published by: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

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Product Description

A history of the dark times

“So this is how liberty dies-with thunderous applause.” -Senator Padme Amidala

When Palpatine declared the birth of his new Empire, he expected it would stand for millennia. Instead, it lasted only 24 years. This is the story of how a tyrannical regime rose from the ashes of democracy, ruled the galaxy with an iron fist, and then collapsed into dust.

It is a story of war and heroes, of the power of propaganda and the dangers of complacency. But most of all, it is a story of normal people trying to live their lives in the face of a brutal dictatorship.

From the ruthlessness of Darth Vader’s campaigns to the horrors of the Tarkin Initiative, this book offers fresh new insights into the dark entity at the core of Star Wars.


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  • Hardback
Cat. No.
  • 6501242
  • 9780241655047
  • 9780241655047