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  • An Education In Malice (Signed Edition Hardcover)

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    Signed by: S.T. Gibson
    Author: S.T. Gibson
    Published by: Orbit Books

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Product Description

‘A delectable jewel of a tale, shimmering with dark, beautiful prose’ Tori Bovalino, author of The Devil Makes Three, on A Dowry of Blood

Love is sacrifice. One of us was always going to bleed for the other.

Deep in the forgotten hills of Massachusetts stands Saint Perpetua’s College. Isolated and ancient, it is not a place for timid girls. Here, secrets are currency, ambition is lifeblood, and strange ceremonies welcome students into the fold.

On her first day of class, Laura Sheridan is thrust into an intense academic rivalry with the beautiful and enigmatic Carmilla. Together, they are drawn into the confidence of their demanding poetry professor, De Lafontaine, who holds her own dark obsession with Carmilla.

But as their rivalry blossoms into something far more delicious, Laura must confront her own strange hungers. Tangled in a sinister game of politics, bloodthirsty professors and dark magic, Laura and Carmilla must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice in their ruthless pursuit of knowledge.

Sumptuous and addictive, An Education in Malice is a dark academia tale of blood, secrets and insatiable hungers from Sunday Times bestselling author S.T. Gibson, author of the cult hit A Dowry of Blood.

Praise for S.T. Gibson:

‘Stunningly gorgeous and devastatingly romantic, you won’t want to miss this one!’ Katee Robert, author of Neon Gods, on A Dowry of Blood

‘An Education in Malice is an ode to girlhood; ribbons, blood, poetry, and rage. Gibson’s fang-sharp prose and unflinching honesty create a delicate and fearless exploration of loneliness, love, and-as the bridge between those two absolutes-longing.’ Sydney J. Shields, author of The Honey Witch

‘A thrilling and seductive Gothic rife with spine-tingling tension and dark romance’ Alexis Henderson, author of The Year of the Witching, on A Dowry of Blood

‘Dark, lush and heartrendingly romantic’ Lyndall Clipstone, author of Lakesedge, on A Dowry of Blood

‘An intoxicating perfume that lingers - an undying love story where beauty and horror clasp hands’ Rachel Gillig, author of One Dark Window, on A Dowry of Blood

‘A powerful tale of possession and liberation… undeniable and unforgettable’ Rose Szabo, author of What Big Teeth, on A Dowry of Blood

‘A dizzying nightmare of a romance that will leave you aching, angry and ultimately hopeful’ Hannah Whitten, author of For the Wolf, on A Dowry of Blood

‘Atmospheric and lush… it will haunt you in the best possible way’ Genevieve Gornichec, author of The Witch’s Heart, on A Dowry of Blood

‘A dark seductive tale… intermingling love, pain, fear and anger in mesmerizing prose’ Publishers Weekly, on A Dowry of Blood

‘Seductive, lyrical and rich with period detail… a dark triumph’ Mary McMyne, author of The Book of Gothel, on A Dowry of Blood

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