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Product Description

Total Domination is a sweeping and innovative strategic card-driven area-control game for 1 to 4 players simulating World War II. Recreate history, or make your own and unique way to victory as either the Allies or the Axis. Win through tense combat, lightning-quick conquest, diplomacy with the neutral countries, and the ingenuity of your top scientists - all on a gorgeous double-sided game board.


one double-sided game board (basic and alternative)

60 cards

18 solo cards

164 counters

64 colored cubes four Technology

boards double-sided

France and Italy markers

two double-sided VP markers

6 Resistance tokens

one Solo VP marker

Allies Join War markers

Victory Points markers

4 Neutral Armies

12 Damage markers

one Round marker

one Allies Join War (AJW)

one Round board

Product Specifications

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