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  • Barren Lands

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    Author: Brynn Metheney
    Published by: Flesk Publications

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Product Description

Barren Lands is a humble love letter to the region, where the author and artist Brynn Metheney was born and raised. She shines light and wonder on those deserts, which continue to inspire and surprise her.

Metheney has included notes and observations about these oddities and seasonal incidents from her personal experiences. They include encounters that hinge on disbelief, passed down to her by family members and reclusive locals, about creatures unknown by the public.

This is a marvellous look at hidden wonders that only a desert rat with a long history in the region could share.

Metheney’s words and pictures will spark the imagination with secret revelations that blur the lines between fantasy and reality and are sure to entertain anyone with a curious mind.

Barren Lands will alter your perception of this seemingly sterile landscape and help you see its rich abundance of life, or possibly warn you to stay in the city!

Full-colour paintings and drawings are featured throughout this heavily illustrated guide.

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  • Paperback
Cat. No.
  • 6498238
  • 9781640410763
  • 9781640410763