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  • If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It To The Budokan, I Would Die: Volume 8

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    From: If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It To The Budokan, I Would Die
    Author: Auri Hirao
    Published by: Tokyopop - Love X Love

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Product Description

Forthright and impetuous Eripiyo is the number one stan for Maina, a sidelined member of the underground idol group Cham Jam, lining up for every event and spending a fortune on CDs and fan meetings to support her fave.

When Cham Jam starts up a video channel, Eripiyo and her fellow fans jump at a chance to catch a glimpse behind the curtain and see their faves living their everyday lives. Still, when their goal is to reach the heights of idol popularity, Maki and the others realise they can’t settle for simply being ordinary…

Luckily, Cham Jam seems to finally be catching a break. Between being offered a slot on a TV program and a collaboration with the ultra-popular Maple Dolls, they’re getting more eyes on them than ever before!

Still, reconnecting with one of her former group members stirs up bittersweet memories for Reo, even as an offhand comment by Maina brings her a flood of new fans.

In the excitement of viral popularity, it’s easy to lose yourself… Can Eripiyo help keep Maina grounded in the midst of it all?


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  • Trade Paperback
  • 8
Cat. No.
  • 6494667
  • 9781427878144