• [Deddy Bears: Coffin Plush: Series 2 (1 Pcs) (Product Image)]
  • Deddy Bears: Coffin Plush: Series 2 (1 Pcs)

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Product Description

Collect six frightful new characters!

Series 2 of the exciting Deddy Bears range introduces a new assortment of gruesome bears, including;

Two-Fur: One side is sweet and cuddly, while the other is mischievous and cunning. Two-fur is always torn between mischief and cuddles making him an unpredicable but lovable companion! (Date of Death: October 1995)

Frostbite: Covered in soft, white fur this Yeti brings and icy chill wherever he goes. Frostbite loves a snowball fight but better let him win or he might freeze your heart with his piercing glacier gaze! (Date of Death: November 1961)

Frankenbear: This monstrous creation is a terrifying presence among the Deddy Bears. With jagged stitches holding together his mismatched parts, he may look cute but touch his electrified fur at your own risk! (Date of Death: December 1743)

Dolli: A mischievous stitch-faced sweetheart, Dolli is the champion of “guess what I’m thinking” games. She always wins because her poker face is permanently stitched on! (Date of Death: June 1295)

Muertobear: Above all else, Muertobear loves music and dancing but keep your distance. If he wraps you in his skeletal arms, he will haunt your dreams with whispered tales of the afterlife! (Date of Death: November 1624)

Zombat: This Deddy Bear loves to spread his wings and take flight but sometimes he forgets where he is going mid-air. Watch out for his hilarious mid-flight confusions and unexpected landings! (Date of Death: March 1718)

Please note:

1 randomly selected Coffin Plush per purchase. Design cannot be specified, you may receive duplicates.

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