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  • War Of The Ring: The Card Game: Fire & Swords

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    Universe: Lord Of The Rings
    Manufacturer: Ares Games


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Product Description

This second expansion for Ian Brody’s War of the Ring: The Card Game introduces new scenarios to the base game, including one that allows to play with up to six people.

In addition to that, War of the Ring: The Card Game – Fire and Swords features 60 faction cards, 9 new paths, 9 new battlegrounds, and 13 skirmishes, a new type of battleground to represent the smaller settlements and fortifications of the War of the Ring, places like the Fords of Isen and Bree. This expansion adds three new factions to the game: Northmen for the Free Peoples; and Easterlings and Ruffians for the Shadow.gamin

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