• [Jurassic World: Action Figure: Tyrannosaurus Rex (Product Image)]
  • Jurassic World: Action Figure: Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Universe: Jurassic Park
    Manufacturer: Mattel


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Product Description

The movie “Jurassic World: The World After” will transport you to amazing experiences! This Tyrannosaurus Rex from Destruction is modelled after a movie dinosaur and features extensive slashes on both sides. on see the damage done on either side, just hit the top button! Caution! In spite of serious wounds, this dinosaur can still defend itself because to its button-activated MOBILE JAWS!

The T. rex figurine includes realistic colour and texture, true morphology, and articulation points. Extend your virtual explorations and use augmented reality to bring this Tyrannosaurus to life! Your living room has a real dinosaur? It is doable!

Each statue has a secret DNA code that can be scanned using a smartphone to access augmented reality features in the Jurassic World Facts app, which is available for free. Tablet and smartphone not included. A fantastic present option for children ages 4 and above who like dinosaur tales and Jurassic World.

Product Specifications

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