• [Conan: Book 4: Conan The Triumphant (Product Image)]
  • Conan: Book 4: Conan The Triumphant

    Author: Robert Jordan
    Published by: St Martin's Press

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Product Description

Conan the Barbarian returns in this epic Conan the Triumphant, from Robert Jordan, the bestselling author of the Wheel of Times series.

Thrust amidst political chaos following the demise of Ophir’s king, our protagonist leads a Free-Company of mercenaries. A man not just of brute force but stalwart resilience, Conan embodies the archetypal warrior hero, epitomising chivalry and pure valor.

As the plot thickens, Conan finds himself serving Lady Synelle, a woman of intense allure shrouded in disturbing secrets. Little does our Cimmerian know that she is the High Priestess of Al’Kiir, the abhorrent demon-god, whose cruel rituals feed on the blood of innocent maidens and undefiled fighters.

Dive into this action-packed, sword-and-sorcery saga of battles and magic, where fast-paced adventures await.

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  • Paperback
Cat. No.
  • 5122615
  • 978125024852751799
  • 9781250248527