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  • Sir Hereward & Mister Fitz (Signed Edition Hardcover)

    • Signed
    Signed by: Garth Nix
    Author: Garth Nix
    Published by: Gollancz Publishing

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Product Description

Sir Hereward. Knight, artillerist, swordsman. Mercenary for hire. Ill-starred lover.

Mister Fitz. Puppet, sorcerer, loremaster. Practitioner of arcane arts now mostly and thankfully forgotten. Former nursemaid to Hereward.

Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz. Agents of the Council of the Treaty for the Safety of the World, charged with the location and removal of listed extra-dimensional entities, more commonly known as gods or godlets.

Travellers. Adventurers. Godslayers . . . and this collection of their adventures - ill-fated or otherwise - is perfect for fans of Scott Lynch and Joe Abercrombie, George R. R. Martin and The Witcher. Packed with invention, incident, adventure and wit, these quick and entertaining escapades are not to be missed.

Praise for Garth Nix

‘Garth Nix is one of the best world-builders in fantasy’ Brandon Sanderson

Reader Advisory: Though some of Garth Nix’s books and stories are for children, this one is not. It is for adult readers.

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  • Hardback
Cat. No.
  • 6428228
  • 9781399606356