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  • Unfold: Victim Of The Pyramid

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Product Description

Unfold: Victim of the Pyramid is an escape room series unlike any other. It features 2 novel and surprisng components hidden inside an envelope you unfold as you unravel the riddles contained within this small physical product, but large game!

The game is resettable so can be given or passed onto any friends too!

My name is Venona. A few days ago, I could n’t even imagine that I, an orphan without kith orand kin, would have to challenge fate itself. Everything changed overnight when the Prophetess declared that the will of the Great Gods demand a sacrifice to continue looking out for the welfare of tribe.

And, alas, my beloved Oxiteca was chosen as the sacrifice! As I have nothing left to lose and I decided to defy the gods and venture into the sacred Pyramid, where the ceremony will take place, to save my beloved. What dangers await me on the way and, more importantly,what secrets do these ancient walls keep?

Victim of the Pyramid is an exciting co-operative adventure that fits into a small envelope. Dive into the other-worldly atmosphere of this tabletop adventure and help Venona go pass all trials that the Great Gods have prepared by solving a variety of puzzles. Will you be able to save Oxiteca and not become a victim of the Pyramid yourself?

Product Specifications

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