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  • Ticket To Ride: Map Collection 8: Iberica & South Korea (Expansion)

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Product Description

“Ticket to Ride Map Collection 8: Iberica & South Korea” invites players to embark on an unforgettable journey across two distinct and beautiful regions of the world. This expansion pack adds a touch of diversity and challenge to the beloved Ticket to Ride series, offering two new maps that require unique strategies and approaches.

On the Iberica map, players will explore the picturesque landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula, connecting cities across Spain and Portugal. This map introduces the “Wine Routes” mechanic, where players can earn extra points by completing routes that pass through the famed wine regions. The rich history and cultural landmarks of Iberia provide a scenic backdrop for competitive railway-building.

The South Korea map offers a dynamic gameplay experience with its “Twin Cities” concept. Each city on the map has two stations, and players must decide which one to connect to, balancing the benefits of connecting to North or South Korea.

This map challenges players with its strategic depth and introduces the “Peaceful Reunification” bonus, rewarding those who manage to connect cities across the divided peninsula.

Both maps come with beautifully illustrated boards and destination tickets, adding new layers of strategy and enjoyment to the Ticket to Ride experience. Whether navigating the historic routes of Iberica or bridging the divide in South Korea, players will enjoy hours of engaging gameplay.

Suitable for both seasoned adventurers and newcomers to the series, “Ticket to Ride Map Collection 8: Iberica & South Korea” is a must-have expansion that will transport players to new horizons.

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