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  • NCT 127: Limitless (Hardcover)

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    From: NCT 127: Limitless
    Authors: NCT 127, and 2 more
    Artists: Grace Lee, and Kayla Felty
    Published by: Z2 Comics

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Product Description

Presented in the manhwa (South Korean comic) format, Limitless follows NCT 127 in the midst of their world tour, as the group rehearses for its biggest performance in America to date: a sold-out stadium show in New York City.

The night before the concert, however, the group encounters mysterious dreams, putting MARK, JOHNNY, TAEYONG, JUNGWOO, and DOYOUNG in otherworldly scenarios. This ultimately creates a reality-crossing mystery that the five—alongside TAEIL, YUTA, JAEHYUN, and HAECHAN—will unite to solve. As NCT 127 grapples with this enigma, they must overcome their fear in both the real world and this new, surreal dreamscape.

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  • Hardback
  • 127
Cat. No.
  • 6143725
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