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  • The Genius Puppeteer Loves The Holy Knight Fiercely

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    From: The Genius Puppeteer Loves The Holy Knight Fiercely
    Author: Hatoba Kogarashi
    Published by: Tokyopop - Love X Love

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    Single Issue Price: £10.30 RRP£14.50

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Product Description

As a high-ranking general captured after the end of a war, the Holy Knight Gilbert braces for execution… when at the last moment, his life is saved by Chris, the enemy nation’s master artificer and puppeteer. An arrogant, wickedly playful man who surrounds himself only with dolls of his own making, Chris claims to admire the beauty of Gilbert’s soul and intends to use him to create his newest masterpiece. When Gilbert refuses to go along with Chris’s plan, he is forced to choose between certain death and forsaking his faith to become an immortal doll. Hoping to buy enough time to make his escape, Gilbert instead offers himself up to Chris as a slave. But if that’s the game this knight wishes to play, then Chris fully intends on toying with him until Gilbert breaks to his will…


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Wednesday Comics
  • Trade Paperback
Cat. No.
  • 6359348
  • 9781427877178