• [Star Trek: Into The Unknown: Miniatures: Federation Vs. Dominion (Core Set) (Product Image)]
  • Star Trek: Into The Unknown: Miniatures: Federation Vs. Dominion (Core Set)

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    Universe: Star Trek
    Manufacturer: Wiz Kids


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Product Description

Teleport to the bridge of Star Trek’s most legendary starships as you launch an epic adventure across the galaxy!

Star Trek: Into the Unknown features the most detailed Star Trek ship models in tabletop gaming, all designed to scale. Large ships like the U.S.S. Enterprise or the Jem’Hadar Battle Cruiser will tower over the smaller ships and all come pre-painted to an incredible amount of detail.

Traverse headlong into the unknown where you’ll negotiate and fight alongside iconic characters using your quick wit and tactical manoeuvring to overcome complications and challenges. True to Star Trek, research and diplomatic actions and not just combat, have lasting impacts on the game, causing missions to evolve in surprising ways.

Choose your officer, deploy your crew, explore the galaxy, navigate anomalies, position your ships to strike, or negotiate terms with the enemy. Players will instantly immerse themselves as the egalitarian Starfleet or as the oppressive Vorta and Jem’Hadar as they decide how to handle tense mission objectives and unexpected complications.

Embark on a journey to remember through an extensive campaign narrative. Your decisions matter, and they affect the outcomes of your unique story. With upcoming expansion featuring new missions and new ships to command, Star Trek: Into the Unknown is dedicated to delivering an expansive universe to your doorstep.

Engage with a constantly expanding breadth of content featuring familiar faces, locations, and ships from across the Star Trek universe. Star Trek: Into the Unknown draws inspiration from the past six decades of rich stories, complex characters, and stunning technology that has awed us for generations.

From single match to epic campaigns; each conflict will have a unique story told by the players decisions.

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