• [The Investigations Of Mossa & Pleiti: Book 2: The Imposition Of Unnecessary Obstacles (Hardcover) (Product Image)]
  • The Investigations Of Mossa & Pleiti: Book 2: The Imposition Of Unnecessary Obstacles (Hardcover)

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    Author: Malka Older
    Published by: St Martin's Press

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Product Description

Investigator Mossa and Scholar Pleiti reunite to solve a new mystery in the follow-up to the cozy space-opera detective mystery The Mimicking of Known Successes, which Hugo Award-winning author Charlie Jane Anders called “an utter triumph.”

Mossa has returned to Valdegeld on a missing person’s case, for which she’ll once again need Pleiti’s insight. Seventeen students and staff members have disappeared from Valdegeld University–yet no one has noticed. The answers to this case may lie on the moon of Io–Mossa’s home–and the history of Jupiter’s original settlements during humanity’s exodus from Earth.

But Pleiti’s faith in her life’s work as a scholar of the past has grown precarious, and this new case threatens to further destabilize her dreams for humanity’s future, as well as her own.

The Investigations of Mossa and Pleiti

The Mimicking of Known Successes

The Imposition of Unnecessary Obstacles

The Centenal Cycle


Null States

State Tectonics

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