• [Super Mario: Mini Figure Playset: Lava Castle (Product Image)]
  • Super Mario: Mini Figure Playset: Lava Castle

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    Universe: NIntendo
    Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

Nintendo Super Mario lava castle play set, the lava castle set lets you recreate the excitement from the super Mario video games.

Kids can expand their Mario world with figures and exclusive accessories with feature mechanisms.

The fireballs spin around the tower just like in the game. The fireball tower is modular and can be used with other playsets as well.

Included is a two and half inch fire Mario figure. Start building up your Super Mario World with this amazing set!

7 piece play set includes: 2 x 2D backdrops 1 x swinging pendulum 1 x bone lift 1 x bone bridge 1 x spinning fire tower.