• [Reports From The Deep End: Stories Inspired By J.G. Ballard (Signed Edition Hardcover) (Product Image)]
  • Reports From The Deep End: Stories Inspired By J.G. Ballard (Signed Edition Hardcover)

    • Signed
    Signed by: Maxim Jakubowski, and Various
    Authors: Maxim Jakubowski, and 30 more
    Published by: Titan Books

    £14.99 RRP £19.99

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Product Description

A fascinating and unsettling anthology of 31 science fiction short stories in tribute to the prophetic dystopias of New Wave sci-fi pioneer, and literary titan of the twentieth century, J. G. Ballard―featuring Will Self, Iain Sinclair, Christopher Fowler, Chris Beckett, and a new Jerry Cornelius story from Michael Moorcock.

Few authors are so iconic that their name is an adjective – Ballard is one of them.

Master of both literary and science fiction, his novels such as Empire of the Sun, Crash and Cocaine Nights show a world out of joint – a bewildering, alienating and yet enthralling place. From his rapturously weird takes on contemporary reality to his classic dystopias like The Drowned World and High Rise, Ballard’s legacy shaped the future of literature.

This first-of-its-kind anthology, featuring our greatest literary and science fiction authors, including the pioneering Will Self, pays tribute to the unique visions of humanity’s uncanny and uneasy clash with the future – our empires of concrete – seen through the warped lens of J. G. Ballard.

This edition is signed by the following:

Maxim Jakubowski

Rick McGrath

Chris Beckett

Jeff Noon

Toby Litt

Andrew Hook

David Quantick

Pat Cardigan and

Samantha Lee Howe