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  • Lowe & Le Breton Mysteries: Death At The Dress Rehearsal

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    Author: Stuart Douglas
    Published by: Titan Books

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Product Description

In 1970, while on a location shoot in Shropshire for the downmarket BBC sitcom Floggit and Leggit, ageing actor Edward Lowe – a “short, stocky northerner with a receding hairline and bad eyesight”, who plays the pompous and officious lead, a role based on himself – stumbles across the body of a young woman, apparently the victim of a tragic drowning accident. But there’s something about her death that rings the faintest of bells in his head and, convinced the woman has been murdered, he enlists the help of his laid-back, upper-class co-star John Le Breton, a man for whom raising a wry eyebrow is a bit too much of an effort, to investigate further.

Crossing the country and back again during gaps in filming, the two elderly thespians make use of their wildly contrasting personalities and skillsets to uncover both a series of murders in the modern day and links to another unfortunate death during World War II. But, as the body count mounts and a pattern to the killings begins to emerge, can Edward and John put their differences aside to save the innocent victims of a serial killer and still be ready for when the cameras start rolling?

Death at the Dress Rehearsal is the first in The Lowe and Le Breton Mysteries series.

“Death at the Dress Rehearsal is certain to find a place in the hearts of cosy crime readers everywhere, with its breezy prose, its witty observations and the often hilarious interplay between its two thespian leads – not to mention the cracking mystery at its heart. Stuart Douglas has just delivered the best cosy crime novel since The Appeal.”

– George Mann, author of the Newbury & Hobbes series

“It was a joy to be in the company of these Dad’s Army Detectives. I read the whole book in one sitting. Hugely enjoyable and lots of fun.”

– Nev Fountain, author of The Fan Who Knew Too Much

“Glorious and ingenious. What a lovely start to what I hope will be a long-running series!”

– Paul Magrs, author of Exchange

“Death at the Dress Rehearsal is a real tootsy-pop of a mystery thriller, with an irresistible conceit and enough twists and turns to bamboozle the most conscientious of armchair sleuths. Think you won’t love it? Who do you think you are kidding…?”

– Steve Cole, author of the Young Bond series

“Holmes and Watson by way of Arthur Lowe and John Le Mesurier; a wonderfully mismatched duo who you can’t help falling in love with.”

– Amy Walker, Trans-Scribe

“Not many authors can write a book where each character has a unique voice. In most cases the inner monologues are much the same, the authorial voice thinly veiled. But not many authors are Stuart Douglas. Edward Lowe and John Le Breton are two of the most unique and disparate crime solvers you could find. Actors as unalike in their dispositions as their methods.”

– Elizabeth Lefebvre, Strange & Random Happenstance

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  • 9781803368207