• [My Name Is Shingo: The Perfect Edition: Volume 1 (Hardcover) (Product Image)]
  • My Name Is Shingo: The Perfect Edition: Volume 1 (Hardcover)

    From: My Name Is Shingo: The Perfect Edition
    Author: Kazuo Umezz
    Published by: Viz Media Llc

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    Single Issue Price: £19.88 RRP£28.00

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Product Description

The classic science fiction–horror manga from the mind of Kazuo Umezz, creator of The Drifting Classroom, Orochi, and Cat-Eyed Boy!

A chilling science fiction tale of humanity and artificial intelligence from classic horror manga creator Kazuo Umezz!

When an industrial robot named Monroe begins to work at his father’s factory, Satoru is fascinated. As he and his friend Marin spend more time with Monroe, they start to suspect there’s much more to him than anyone else realizes. But neither children nor adults are prepared for Monroe’s violent, self-actualizing awakening into consciousness.

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  • 9781974742721