• [Exodyssey: Visual Development of an Epic Adventure by Steambot Studios (Product Image)]
  • Exodyssey: Visual Development of an Epic Adventure by Steambot Studios

    • Discontinued
    Author: David H Levy
    Published by: Titan Books
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

From Steambot Studios, the cutting edge team of digital artists and concept designers behind the the hotly anticipated blockbuster “Tron 2”, comes “Exodyssey”! This stunning ‘art of’ book acts as an introduction to an epic new sci-fi saga, set in a brilliantly realised future world.

Mixing character and vehicle designs with fully painted production art visuals the book outlines the voyage of Harry, a highly gifted engineer, and his dysfunctional team of followers as they escape an evil empire to make first contact with extra-terrestrial life.

Steambot Studios is a collective of five digital artists working in the world of visual entertainment. Vyle (David Levy), Viag (Nicola: Ferrandi), Barontieri (Thierry Doizon), Feerik (Joel Dos Reis Viegas) and Rainart (Sebastien Larroude) have worked for, amongst others, Walt Disney Imagineering, EA, Eidos, Hasbro and Activision. They are based in Montreal, and this is their first book!