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  • It's Not A Cult

    Author: Lauren Danhof
    Published by: Alcove Publishing

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Product Description

Glinda Glass is truly trying her best. After dropping out of her graduate school program, she moves back to her childhood home with her mom - who has not only joined a cult, the Starlight Pioneer Society, but has also become enraptured by its charismatic and menacing leader, Arlon.

When she’s not trying to get her twin sister Dorothy to finally speak to her or keep her younger sister West out of trouble, Glinda spends her days working in the Drench-the-Wench dunking booth at the local Renaissance fair with her only friend and co-worker Troy, who may or may not be falling in love with her.

Once Glinda learns that the cult will be turning her family’s home into their commune, she suspects there’s more to Arlon than meets the eye and decides to take matters into her own hands - even if that means infiltrating the cult herself.

There, she realises things are far more sinister than she could have ever imagined and that she must get her mom out from under the spell of Arlon by any means necessary. But Glinda can’t do it on her own; in order to save her mother, she’ll have to come to terms with her own history of trauma and grief and repair her relationships with her sisters and Troy.

Glinda always has the best intentions, even if her emotionally clumsy efforts to fix things constantly end in disaster. With the fate of her family on the line, will this time be different?

Product Specifications

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  • Paperback
Cat. No.
  • 5120987
  • 9781639104383