• [Skull & Bones: Savage Storm (Hardcover) (Product Image)]
  • Skull & Bones: Savage Storm (Hardcover)

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    Authors: John Jackson Miller, and James Mishler
    Artist: Christian Rosado
    Published by: Dark Horse Comics

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Product Description

A merchant vessel is besieged by a vicious crew of pirates, but the fighting is interrupted by a devastating typhoon. When the storm crashes in, it leaves predator and prey stranded on an island somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

The merchant ship captain and his crew, lucky enough to have survived the savage storm, scramble to hide what is left of their precious cargo before the surviving pirates overtake them. When it seems the marauders have won the day, a powerful no-nonsense admiral and her crew step in to join the fray.

She informs everyone that there is yet a more dangerous threat on the horizon; a murderous mercenary known across the seven seas as ‘The Wolf Hunter.’ Survival may require an unlikely and unsteady accord betwixt pirate crews. With a massive treasure on the table the only question is who will double-cross who first?

Collects Skull and Bones #1-3.


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  • Hardback
Cat. No.
  • 6102128
  • 9781506733852