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  • Atmosfear: 30th Anniversary Edition

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    Manufacturer: Leisure Trends Limited

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Product Description

This special 30th Anniversary Edition of Atmosfear pays tribute to the original game that combined video and board game elements in a unique way, and also adds new features and extras to enhance the game play experience.

This edition includes many other upgrades and changes to the original game, as well as the Baron Samedi Expansion.

Atmosfear was created around 1991 and is the original interactive video board game where three to six very courageous (or very foolish) players face a video ghoul host; The Gatekeeper, in a game of skill, chance, scares and fun. During the game, as you move around the board collecting keys, THE GATEKEEPER pops up randomly to taunt, mock, reward or punish you; why? Because he likes to, this is his game, and he makes the rules.


Link to Stream/Download Video

256x Cards

144x Baron Samedi Cards

152x Deluxe Cards

8x Fear Cards

6x Plastic Tombstone

6x Deluxe Playing Pieces

2x Gatekeeper Special Dice

36x Keys

6x Numered Discs

1x Plastic Coin

1x Gold Coin

1x Dry Wipe Pen

1x Rules Boo

Product Specifications

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