• [Star Wars: Shatterpoint: Jedi Hunters: Grand Inquisitor (Squad Pack) (Product Image)]
  • Star Wars: Shatterpoint: Jedi Hunters: Grand Inquisitor (Squad Pack)

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    Universe: Star Wars
    Manufacturer: Atomic Mass Games


    • Currently Unavailable
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Product Description

The last remnants of the Jedi Order tremble in fear as Inquisitors stalk them to the farthest corners of the galaxy!

The Grand Inquisitor, a long-lived Pau’an, leads the Inquisitorius at Darth Vader’s behest, an elite order of Force-sensitive agents strong in the dark side who hunt those who escaped the Order 66 purge. A former Jedi, himself, he has turned this fervour to the destruction of his former allies.

He is joined in this task by Inquisitors referred to as brothers and sisters, each given a number demarking the order of their initiations.

Reva, the Third Sister, bold and ambitious, nursing a secret grudge against Lord Vader after surviving the slaughter of younglings at the Temple.

Fifth Brother, aggressive and self-sure, ready to strike down any who stand in his way.

Fourth Sister, swift and deadly, a hunter through and through.

They are the Inquisitors and the hunt has been called.

Miniatures supplied unpainted.

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