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  • The Ross 248 Project

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    Authors: Les Johnson, and 12 more
    Published by: Baen Books

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Product Description

A bold journey into a future where humanity and its children travel to a new star where they must overcome the unexpected challenges on the exoplanets that await them—or die trying.

Travelling to the stars will be difficult, but not, perhaps, the most difficult part. What about when we get to another star? What then? Will the planets be immediately habitable? Not likely. Will those who undertook the journey be able to easily turn around and come home if they don’t find “Earth 2.0”? Almost certainly not.

Therein the lies the challenge: Finding worlds that are potentially habitable and then taking the time, perhaps centuries, to make them compatible with Earth life. The settlers at the nearby red dwarf star, Ross 248, will encounter mysteries and unexpected challenges, but the human spirit will endure. Join this diverse group of science fiction writers and scientists as they take up the challenge of The Ross 248 Project.

Join us for stories and speculative nonfiction about life under a crimson sun.


USAF Lt General (Ret) Steven Kwast

Patrick Chiles

Stephanie Osborn

Brent Ziarnick

Laura Montgomery

Daniel M. Hoyt & E. Marshall Hoyt

Matthew Williams

D.J. Butler

Robert E. Hampson

Monalisa Foster

J.L. Curtis

K.S. Daniels

Les Johnson & Ken Roy

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  • 978198219262451800
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