• [Franklin & Ghost #1 (Cover B Trom Clark & Shelton) (Product Image)]
  • Franklin & Ghost #1 (Cover B Trom Clark & Shelton)

    • Discontinued
    From: Franklin & Ghost
    Author: Garrett Gunn
    Artist: Nic Touris
    Published by: Source Point Press
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

In anticipation of the upcoming animated series, Franklin and Ghost are back, re-mastered in a brand new format!

In a last-ditch effort to see more of the universe before accepting their inevitably boring lives as miners on their home planet Defilion, Franklin and Ghost steal a ship and head out for one last adventure

When they accidentally crash to Earth, they seek shelter in the bodies of a couple unsuspecting hosts. Hell bent on having a good time, they start a rage-filled quest putting them on the radar of galactic police forces.