• [Sweetie: Candy Vigilante #5 (Cover D Zullo Original Variant) (Product Image)]
  • Sweetie: Candy Vigilante #5 (Cover D Zullo Original Variant)

    • Currently Unavailable
    From: Sweetie: Candy Vigilante
    Author: Suzanne Cafiero
    Artist: Jeff Zornow
    Published by: Dynamite Entertainment


    • Currently Unavailable
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Product Description

The NYPD gets a code dead and investigates the case of a headless-hoodlum, only to find a mysterious, gooey, pink substance on the body at the candy-coated crime scene.

Meanwhile, Sweetie’s Candy Vigilante have successfully taken back their house and transformed the Ice Cream Bunny to its former glory. Des- tined to become their new flagship store, it’s soon to bring sweetness back to the city and currently trending on social media too! Isn’t that nice?

Pixie pledges herself to eternal goodness, and with a sacramental bite of Sweetie’s ‘sweet tooth,’ joins the ranks of immortals. Debuting new threads and a new signature weapon, the sugar rush has gifted ‘Sweet P’ with the skill, agility, and drip of a ninja warrior.

We get hard-boiled deets on the Peter Cottontail, his hopped-up sidekick Jack Rabbit’s jellybean habit, and a super-charged monster truck, fuelled by ice cream. Plus, delve deeper into Sweetie’s mission statement, and the reveal of a speakeasy for the council of immortals.

On the salty side, Sweetie’s sworn enemy Bart Volgare and his evil crime syndicate K.Y.E. may think they’ve destroyed the sweetness, but in time, Sweetie and her Candy Vigilante will see to it that all rotten eggs get their just desserts!


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