• [Everything The Darkness Eats (Hardcover) (Product Image)]
  • Everything The Darkness Eats (Hardcover)

    Author: Eric LaRocca
    Published by: Titan Books

    £9.99 RRP£13.99

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Product Description

“A mad, beautiful tale of dark magic, trauma and love, and how these things intertwine”


Author of The Book of Accidents

“Horror fiction doesn’t get more emotionally raw than this. A smart, sharp read with echoes of King’s Needful Things and Barker’s The Damnation Game, Everything the Darkness Eats not only has one hell of a good title, it’s one hell of a good book”

BENTLEY LITTLE, author of The Mailman and The Store

“A colossal feat of imagination and moments of pure magic delivered with style and tenderness in a way that gives Gaiman a run for his money”

GEMMA AMOR, author of Full Immersion

“An emotionally devastating novel of unflinching violence, lost souls, and cosmic horror. Eric LaRocca’s prose sings and his characters are heart achingly true. Another brilliant work from one of horror’s fastest-rising talents”

TIM WAGGONER, author of We Will Rise

“LaRocca looks at the passive violence and prejudice underlying small town life with an unblinking eye, revealing how it can erupt into something truly monstrous—and then he somehow grafts that together with something profoundly dark and supernatural to create a unique and deadly beast of a novel with a double row of very sharp teeth”

BRIAN EVENSON, author of Last Days

An insidious darkness threatens to devastate a rural New England community when occult forces are conjured, and bigotry is left unrestrained.

After a string of disappearances in a small Connecticut town, a grieving widower with a grim secret is drawn into a dangerous ritual of dark magic by a powerful and mysterious figure. Meanwhile, a member of local law enforcement, tasked with uncovering who is responsible for the disappearances, learns of a current of unbridled hatred simmering beneath the guise of the town’s idyllic community—a hatred that will eventually burst and forever change the lives of those who once found peace in the quiet town of Henley’s Edge.

A haunting and horror-filled tale of loneliness, trauma and spiritual yearning from the award-winning author of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke and Other Misfortunes.

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  • 5942497
  • 9781803366395
  • 9781803366395