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  • So You Wanna Be A Pop Star?: A Choices Novel (Hardcover)

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    Author: Zachary Sergi
    Published by: Running Press

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Product Description

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in a pop supergroup? Well now you can!

Everly, Vinny and their groupmates Dea, CeC and Stern can create musical magic. The only problem is that they have been competing against each other in a reality singing competition show for weeks and they all had their own hopes, dreams and relationships with each other have made things… complicated, so they aren’t expecting their group performance on the final night of the competition becomes a viral hit.

Then, in an unexpected twist, the show decides the record deal isn’t going to be for one winner-it’s going to all five of them as a new super group!

Everly and Vinny’s musical dreams all coming true are now tied to this band and to their other groupmates. Will they manage to find a way to come together before their big first concert or will their differences rip them apart and leave them one-hit wonders?

The Choices are yours to make! With alternating chapters featuring point-of-views of Everly and Vinny, readers will move forward through the plot (no jumping back and forth) by making a combination of character-focused and plot-focused decisions that will offer different possible regular and romantic endings which will encourage the readers to go back and reread.

The story also incorporates the character’s different genres of music and musician style (singer-songwriter / pop diva queen) in unique ways to shape the available choices and puts a playful emphasis on personal interpretations and offering readers an opportunity to build their own song-list or discover what kind of musician they might be in this universe based on their choices.

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  • Hardback
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  • 9780762480821
  • 9780762480821