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  • Discontinued IGPX: Season 1 Box Set
    Directed by: Koichi Mashimo
    • Discontinued

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The year is 2049 and the ultimate in mechanical sports is the Immortal Grand Prix (IGPX), a competition where high-tech robot-combatants battle it out over courses at speeds upwards of 350 mph.

IGPX has become so popular that an entire city, “IG City”, has been built, complete with its own 60 mile track. After a dazzling competition, Team Satomi has swept away the first place in the minor league, the IG-2 Now that they enter the big boys’ league, the IG-1, Takeshi Jin, Team Satomi’s talented lead pilot, must redefine enterily his tactics as he comes face to face with some terrifying opposition.

Takeshi and his fellow pilots will need to learn to work as a team - that shouldn’t stop Takeshi from having time to find love… even if it comes in the form of a rival team’s pilot!